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Muchísimas gracias duare!!!

La magnífica[info]duare me ha regalado un "token" para cambiar mi nombre de mekare_caillea a mi verdadero fandom name: darkmoona !!!

Muchísimas gracias!!!

Se aprecia muchisimo el detalle, estoy sonriendo como una tonta. Ya conocía la posibilidad pero la verdad es que entre unas cosas y otras no lo había hecho y ahora duare  lo ha hecho por mi. Muchas gracias guapa!!!

El cambio de nombre deberia ser completo y casi indetectable en el sentido de que todas mis entradas y todas las respuestas que he realizado en algún otro journal, se habrán cambiado de forma automática de mekare_caillea a darkmoona  , además de conservar todos mis amigos y todos mis comunidades. Es de lo más útil.

Por otra parte, ahora mismo me encuentro en España en una visita express de fin de semana. Es genial volver a ver a mi familia y mis amigos y la comida está siendo absolutmente fantástica. Si acaso, ya escribiré otra entrada al respecto cuando vuelva a UK, pero esta entrada era para agradecer a duare su detalle!! Gracias!

(SPOILER DH) Rowling: ********** is gay

It´s been confirmed, ladies and gentelmen, the pairing Albus/Grindewald is cannon!

Read and believe...

Rowling told so in an interview a few days ago. I can hardly believe it´s true! A gay character is cannon and it has to be Albus leader-of-the-Light Dumbledore !! Ha! In my honest opinion, Albus character gained a lot in the last book: more layers, more complexity, more flaws and more fans, me included. I wasn´t really a fan of Albus super-goody-goody-perfectly-Merlin-again Dumbledore until in DH is finally developed as a real character, but this last bit of news is just perfect!

Do you think Rowling had this planned since the begining or is this a concesion to her slashy fans?

I can SO see the future of the fandom with an Albus/Grindewald pairing as cannon! Oh, guys, this is going to be fun!

(I do wonder what the general public is going to say about this, though...)


This young people today…

There was an article in the newspaper today that really grabbed my attention, not really because its weirdness but because the sad reality it portrays.


A 21 year-old dad of 2 children, died yesterday because of cirrhosis, so bad that his liver split in two. The cause of the cirrhosis was an irresponsible behaviour that took him to drink up to 15 bottles of wine a day.

Here's the link, if you're interested


The fact that he’s a 21 year old with two children should be surprising enough, but it’s a widely spread reality that hardly puzzles anyone anymore. But, how did he manage to drink 15 bottles of wine a day… that really is amazing! I couldn’t drink 15 bottles of water a day if I tried!


Really, with 15 bottles of wine a day, it’s a very sad fact that he’s died but I don’t think anyone who knew him is surprised.